I'm installing and configuring trove(DBaaS) for exisitng openstack setup.

I have openstack setup and able to boot nova instances with following 

1.       keystone

2.       glance

3.       neutron

4.       nova

5.       cinder

Followed below documentation for manual installation of trove:
http://docs.openstack.org/developer/trove/dev/manual_install.html  and few 
correction given in this mail thread 
https://www.mail-archive.com/openstack%40lists.openstack.org/msg05262.html .

Booted up a trove instance
trove create myTrove 7 --size=2 --databases=db3 --datastore_version mysql-5.5 
--datastore mysql --nic net-id=752554ef-800c-46d8-b991-361db6c58226

Trove instance got created but is STUCK IN BUILD state.


*         nova instance associated with db instance got created successfully.

*         Cinder volumes, security groups etc are also getting created 

*         I checked nova, cinder logs everything looks fine but in 
trove-taskmanager.log below error got logged:
PollTimeOut: Polling request timed out
I am also unable to access mysql in the booted up trove instance . via : mysql 
-h <instance-IP>

*         Also I'm unable to delete this instance.

o    ERROR: Instance 23c8f4d5-4905-47d2-9992-13118dfa003f is not ready. (HTTP 
422) (may be this is expected)

I'm a novice in Openstack but new to trove.
Thanks in advance and any help is greatly appreciaited.

Thanks & Regards,
Syed Afzal Hussain | Software Engineer | OpenStack

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