On 07/07/14 20:02, Steve Baker wrote:
On 08/07/14 09:25, Zane Bitter wrote:
With the Icehouse release we announced that there would be no further
backwards-incompatible changes to HOT without a revision bump.
However, I notice that we've already made an upward-incompatible
change in Juno:


So a user will be able to create a valid template for a Juno (or
later) version of Heat with the version

   heat_template_version: 2013-05-23

but the same template may break on an Icehouse installation of Heat
with the "stable" HOT parser. IMO this is almost equally as bad as
breaking backwards compatibility, since a user moving between clouds
will generally have no idea whether they are going forward or backward
in version terms.

(Note: AWS don't use the version field this way, because there is only
one AWS and therefore in theory they don't have this problem. This
implies that we might need a more sophisticated versioning system.)

I'd like to propose a policy that we bump the revision of HOT whenever
we make a change from the previous stable version, and that we declare
the new version stable at the end of each release cycle. Maybe we can
post-date it to indicate the policy more clearly. (I'd also like to
propose that the Juno version drops cfn-style function support.)

+1 on setting the juno release date as the latest heat_template_version,
and putting list_join in that.

It seems reasonable to remove cfn-style functions from latest
heat_template_version as long as they are still registered in 2013-05-23

I'm hearing consensus on this general approach, so I put up an implementation for further comment:



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