On Wed, 2014-05-21 at 17:03 -0700, Devananda van der Veen wrote:
> I'd like to bring up the topic of drivers which, for one reason or
> another, are probably never going to have third party CI testing.
> Take for example the iBoot driver proposed here:
>   https://review.openstack.org/50977
> I would like to encourage this type of driver as it enables individual
> contributors, who may be using off-the-shelf or home-built systems, to
> benefit from Ironic's ability to provision hardware, even if that
> hardware does not have IPMI or another enterprise-grade out-of-band
> management interface.
>  However, I also don't expect the author to provide a full third-party
> CI environment, and as such, we should not claim the same level of
> test coverage and consistency as we would like to have with drivers in
> the gate. 
> As it is, Ironic already supports out-of-tree drivers. A python module
> that registers itself with the appropriate entrypoint will be made
> available if the ironic-conductor service is configured to load that
> driver. For what it's worth, I recall Nova going through a very
> similar discussion over the last few cycles... 
> So, why not just put the driver in a separate library on github or
> stackforge?

So a few months have gone by since this was initially brought up. I've
been consistently rebasing the iboot driver patch along to deal with API
changes (breakages). The Ironic power driver API, as small as it is, has
not proven to be stable yet. As such I'm even more convinced these sorts
of drivers benefit from living in-tree where unit tests give us some
level of coverage to guard against internal Ironic API breakage.

So... why not merge this driver as-is? It already exists in Nova.
Furthermore I feel like it is a bit arbitrary to hold up this driver
when we already have other 3rd party drivers in the Ironic tree
(seamicro for example) where there is no 3rd party CI.

The comments on this list seemed to support having these drivers live
in-tree regardless of 3rd party CI.


> -Devananda
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