On 07/21/2014 09:52 AM, Jay Lau wrote:
Sorry, correct one typo. I mean "Promote select_destination as a REST API"

2014-07-21 23:49 GMT+08:00 Jay Lau <jay.lau....@gmail.com

    Now in OpenStack Nova, select_destination is used by
    create/rebuild/migrate/evacuate VM when selecting target host for
    those operations.

    There is one requirement that some customers want to get the
    possible host list when create/rebuild/migrate/evacuate VM so as to
    create a resource plan for those operations, but currently
    select_destination is not a REST API, is it possible that we promote
    this API to be a REST API?

How would that work, given that when they go to actually perform the operation the conditions may have changed and the selected destination may be different?

Or is the idea that they would do a select_destination call, and then call the create/rebuild/migrate/evacuate while specifying the selected destination?


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