On Wed, Jul 23, 2014 at 11:19:13AM EDT, Luke Gorrie wrote:
> Tail-f NCS: I want to keep this feature well maintained and compliant with
> all the rules. I am the person who wrote this driver originally, I have
> been the responsible person for 90% of its lifetime, I am the person who
> setup the current CI, and I am the one responsible for smooth operation of
> that CI. I am reviewing its results with my morning coffee and have been
> doing so for the past 6 weeks. I would like to have it start voting and I
> believe that it and I are ready for that. I am responsive to email, I am
> usually on IRC (lukego), and in case of emergency you can SMS/call my
> mobile on +41 79 244 32 17.
> So... Let's be friends again? (and do ever cooler stuff in Kilo?)

Luke was kind enough to reach out to me, and we had a discussion in
order to bury the hatchet. Posting his contact details and being
available to discuss things has put my mind at ease, I am ready to move

Sean M. Collins
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