Hi all:

I've just pushed a new release of python-neutronclient out. This was
mainly to address the issue of Nova being able to use the new
MacAddressInUseClient exception [1]. In addition, the following,
changes are also a part of this release:

b21cafa Remove strict checking of encryption type
f9dbbb4 Improve the method find_resourceid_by_name_or_id
5db54ed Add a new timeout option to set the HTTP Timeout
c46bf95 Revert "Fix CLI support for DVR"
c05eb29 Update theme for docs
8da544d Add a tox job for generating docs
5eeba0c Add MacAddressInUseClient exception handling
4927f74 Create new IPv6 attributes for Subnets by client
dae498e Python 3: use six.iteritems()
a2b03db Fix for CLI message of agent disassociation
bfec80a Fix CLI support for DVR
b289695 Warn on tiny subnet
708820e Some edits for help strings
c8b7734 Changed 'json' to 'JSON'
267d1dc Add CLI Support for DVR
8eeb578 Add CONTRIBUTING.rst
d7c5104 Pass timeout parameter to requests lib call
261588b Found a useless comment
a84b2be Suppress outputs in test_cli20_nsx_networkgateway
8a2349a Sync with oslo
2e6f238 Changed 'xml' to 'XML'
58e48df Switch over to mox3

The release can be downloaded from PyPI here:



[1] http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2014-July/041385.html

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