> When reviewing https://review.openstack.org/#/c/107954/ it occurred to
> me that maybe we should consider having some kind of generic object
> wrapper that could do notifications for objects. Any thoughts on this?

I think it might be good to do this in a repeatable, but perhaps not
totally automatic way. I can see that any time instance gets changed in
certain ways, that we'd want a notification about it. However, there are
probably some cases that don't fit that. For example,
instance.system_metadata is mostly private to nova I think, so I'm not
sure we'd want to emit a notification for that. Plus, we'd probably end
up with some serious duplication if we just do it implicitly.

What if we provided a way to declare the fields of an object that we
want to trigger a notification? Something like:

  NOTIFICATION_FIELDS = ['host', 'metadata', ...]

  def save(context):


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