On 08/01/2014 11:48 AM, Dean Troyer wrote:
I propose we de-program DevStack and consolidate it into the QA
program. Some of my concerns about doing this in the beginning have
proven to be a non-issue in practice.  Also, I believe a program's
focus can and should be wider than we have implemented up to now and
this a step toward consolidating narrowly defined programs.

I read the QA mission statement to already include DevStack's purpose
so no change should be required there.  I'll propose the governance
changes following a few days of discussion.

This is purely a program-level change, I do not anticipate changes to
 the DevStack project itself.

dt (soon-to-be-former?) DevStack PTL


Thanks for bringing up this topic and being mature enough to recognize that may not be good reasons any more for having a separate program for DevStack.

It's important, as a mature community, that we have the ability to change course and revisit prior decisions based on real-world experience.


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