On 14:46 Fri 01 Aug     , Nikesh Kumar Mahalka wrote:
> Hi Mike,test which is failed for me is:
> *tempest.api.volume.admin.test_volume_types.VolumeTypesTest*
> I am getting error in below function call in above test
>  "*self.volumes_client.wait_for_volume_status**(volume['id'],*
> * 'available')**".*
> This function call is in below function:
> *@test.attr(type='smoke')*
> *    def
> test_create_get_delete_volume_with_volume_type_and_extra_specs(self)*

This is due to the extra spec test by default setting the vendor name
capability to 'Open Source'. Since your driver probably has a different vendor
name, the scheduler is not able to find a suitable host to fulfill the volume
create request with that volume type. There is a wiki page [1] that covers how
to test your driver in devstack with Tempest, which will avoid this problem.

[1] - 

Mike Perez

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