Dear all,
Looking at devtest pages at TripleO wiki I thought 
all variables and configurations of devtest are for true bare-metal because I 
see diskimage-builder options of both overcloud and undercloud doesn't include 
"vm" option. But I see this configuration in 
## #. Set the default bare metal power manager. By default devtest uses
##    nova.virt.baremetal.virtual_power_driver.VirtualPowerManager to
##    support a fully virtualized TripleO test environment. You may
##    optionally customize this setting if you are using real baremetal
##    hardware with the devtest scripts. This setting controls the
##    power manager used in both the seed VM and undercloud for Nova Baremetal.
##    ::

Thus, seems like all setting are for virtual environment, not for true bare 
metal. So I'm a little confused. Can anyone help clarify it? And what is the 
right configure of POWER_MANAGER if using real bare metal hardware?
Best RegardsLeslie                                        
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