On 08/01/2014 01:59 PM, Jay Pipes wrote:
> On 07/31/2014 10:49 PM, Sean Dague wrote:
>> On 07/31/2014 06:26 PM, Michael Still wrote:
>>> On Thu, Jul 31, 2014 at 9:57 PM, Russell Bryant <rbry...@redhat.com>
>>> wrote:
>>>> Further, I'd like to propose that we treat all of existing +1
>>>> reviews as
>>>> +2 (once he's officially added to the team).  Does anyone have a
>>>> problem
>>>> with doing that?  I think some folks would have done that anyway, but I
>>>> wanted to clarify that it's OK.
>>> As a core I sometimes +1 something to indicate a weak acceptance of
>>> the code instead of a strong acceptance (perhaps its not my area of
>>> expertise). Do we think it would be better to ask Jay to scan through
>>> his recent +1s and promote those he is comfortable with to +2s? I
>>> don't think that would take very long, and would keep the intent of
>>> the reviews clear.
>> Agreed. That's more typical and means that you don't need to parse
>> intent on +1s. Let jay upgrade the votes he feels comfortable with
>> holding a full +2 on.
> Of course. I have no problem doing that. Frankly, I kind of revisit
> reviews often just in the course of my review work each day, so it's not
> a big deal at all.

OK, sounds good to me!


Russell Bryant

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