Le 05/08/2014 13:06, Ryan Brown a écrit :

On 08/04/2014 07:18 PM, Yuriy Taraday wrote:
Hello, git-review users!

0. create new local branch;

master: M--....
feature:  *

1. start hacking, doing small local meaningful (to you) commits;

master: M--....
feature:  A-B-...-C

2. since hacking takes tremendous amount of time (you're doing a Cool
Feature (tm), nothing less) you need to update some code from master, so
you're just merging master in to your branch (i.e. using Git as you'd
use it normally);

master: M--....-N-O-...
          \    \    \
feature:  A-B-...-C-D-...

3. and now you get the first version that deserves to be seen by
community, so you run 'git review', it asks you for desired commit
message, and <poof, magic-magic> all changes from your branch is
uploaded to Gerrit as _one_ change request;

master: M--....-N-O-...
          \    \    \----E* <= uploaded
feature:  A-B-...-C-D-...-E

+1, this is definitely a feature I'd want to see.

Currently I run two branches "bug/LPBUG#-local" and "bug/LPBUG#" where
the local is my full history of the change and the other branch is the
squashed version I send out to Gerrit.

-1 to this as git-review default behaviour. Ideally, branches should be identical in between Gerrit and local Git.

I can understand some exceptions where developers want to work on intermediate commits and squash them before updating Gerrit, but in that case, I can't see why it needs to be kept locally. If a new patchset has to be done on patch A, then the local branch can be rebased interactively on last master, edit patch A by doing an intermediate patch, then squash the change, and pick the later patches (B to E)

That said, I can also understand that developers work their way, and so could dislike squashing commits, hence my proposal to have a --no-squash option when uploading, but use with caution (for a single branch, how many dependencies are outdated in Gerrit because developers work on separate branches for each single commit while they could work locally on a single branch ? I can't iimagine how often errors could happen if we don't force by default to squash commits before sending them to Gerrit)



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