On 08/05/2014 09:18 AM, Jay Pipes wrote:
Hello stackers, TC, Neutron contributors,

At the Nova mid-cycle meetup last week in Oregon, during the discussion
about the future of nova-network, the topic of nova-network -> Neutron
migration came up.

For some reason, I had been clueless about the details of one of the
items in the gap analysis the TC had requested [1]. Namely, the 5th
item, about nova-network -> Neutron migration, which is detailed in the
following specification:


The above specification outlines a plan to allow migration of *running*
instances from an OpenStack deployment using nova-network (both with and
without multi-host mode) to an OpenStack deployment using Neutron, with
little to no downtime using live migration techniques and an array of
post-vm-migrate strategies to wire up the new VIFs to the Neutron ports.

I personally believe that this requirement to support a live migration
with no downtime of running instances between a nova-network and a
Neutron deployment *is neither realistic, nor worth the extensive time
and technical debt needed to make this happen*.

I suggest that it would be better to instead provide good instructions
for doing cold migration (snapshot VMs in old nova-network deployment,
store in Swift or something, then launch VM from a snapshot in new
Neutron deployment) -- which should cover the majority of deployments --
and then write some instructions for what to look out for when doing a
custom migration for environments that simply cannot afford any downtime
and *really* want to migrate to Neutron. For these deployments, it's
almost guaranteed that they will need to mangle their existing databases
and do manual data migration anyway -- like RAX did when moving from
nova-network to Neutron. The variables are too many to list here, and
the number of deployments actually *needing* this work seems to me to be
very limited. Someone suggested Metacloud *might* be the only deployment
that might meet the needs for a live nova-network -> Neutron migration.
Metacloud folks, please do respond here!

In short, I don't think the live migration requirement for nova-network
to Neutron is either realistic or valuable, and suggest relaxing it to
be good instructions for cold migration of instances from an older
deployment to a newer deployment. There are other more valuable things
that Neutron contributors could focus on, IMO -- such as the DVR
functionality that brings parity to Neutron with nova-network's
multi-host mode.


I agree 100%. Although I understand the I think it's an unreasonably high burden in an area where there are many many other real pressing issues that need to be solved.

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