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Additional Update:

Two important additions:

1) No Formal Thursday Meetings.

    We are eliminating our plans to meet formally on the 31st. You are
    still welcome to meet informally. We want to keep these discussions
    as productive as possible, and want to avoid attendee burnout. My
    deepest apologies to those who have made travel plans around this.
    See me if there are financial considerations to resolve.

2) Containers Team Registration

    To better manage attendance expectations, register for the event
    that you will attend as a primary. For those attending primarily for
    Containers, register here:


    If you are registering for Nova, use this link:


    If you are already registered for the Nova Meetup, but will be
    attending in the Containers Team Meetup as the primary, you can
    return your tickets for Nova as long as you have a Containers Team
    Meetup ticket. That will allow for a more accurate count, and make
    sure that all the Nova devs who need to attend can.

Logistics details:


Event Etherpad:




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CORRECTION: This event happens *July* 28-31. Sorry for any confusion!
Corrected Announcement:

Containers Team,

We have decided to hold our Mid-Cycle meetup along with the Nova
Meetup in Beaverton, Oregon on *July* 28-31.The Nova Meetup is
scheduled for *July* 28-30.


Those of us interested in Containers topic will use one of the
breakout rooms generously offered by Intel. We will also stay on
Thursday to focus on implementation plans and to engage with those
members of the Nova Team who will be otherwise occupied on *July*
28-30, and will have a chance to focus entirely on Containers on the 31st.

Please take a moment now to register using the link above, and I look
forward to seeing you there.


Adrian Otto

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Can you share a summary of notes that came out of the containers meetup, specifically related to the integration with nova, i.e. the slides you shared in one of the nova sessions? Wondering what the plans/details are for Kilo.



Matt Riedemann

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