On 06/08/14 18:12, Yuriy Taraday wrote:
2. since hacking takes tremendous amount of time (you're doing a Cool
>>Feature (tm), nothing less) you need to update some code from master, so
>>you're just merging master in to your branch (i.e. using Git as you'd
>>use it normally);
>This is not how I'd use Git normally.

Well, as per Git author, that's how you should do with not-CVS. You have
cheap merges - use them instead of erasing parts of history.

This is just not true.


Choice quotes from the author of Git:

* 'People can (and probably should) rebase their _private_ trees'
* 'you can go wild on the "git rebase" thing'
* 'we use "git rebase" etc while we work on our problems.'
* '"git rebase" is not wrong.'

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