gustavo panizzo (gfa) wrote:
> only one think i didn't like it
> why all url,api, etc has to include the word 'preview'?
> i imagine that i would be consuming the new feature using heat, puppet,
> local scripts, custom horizon, whatever. Why do you make me to change
> all them when the feature moves out of preview? it could be a lot of
> rework (for consumers) without gain. I would totally support other big
> fat warnings everywhere (logs, documentation, startup log of
> neutron-server) but don't change the API if is not necessary

I see two issues with this proposal: the first one is what Gustavo just
said: the use of the "preview" package/configoption/API creates friction
when the feature needs to go mainstream (package renaming, change in
configuration for deployers, change in API calls for users...).

My understanding is that the goal is to make it easy for people to "try"
the preview feature, and keeping the experimental feature in-tree is
seen as simpler to experiment with. But the pain from this friction imho
outweighs the pain of deploying an out-of-tree plugin for deployers.

The second issue is that once the feature is in "preview" in tree, it
moves the responsibility/burden of making it official (or removed) to
the core developers (as Salvatore mentioned). I kind of like the
approach where experimental features are developed in faster iterations
out-of-tree and when they are celebrated by experimenters and are ready
to be stable-supported, they are moved in tree.


Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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