> As the person who -2'd the review, I'm thankful you raised this issue on
> the ML, Jay. Much appreciated.

The "metadetails" term isn't being invented in this patch, of course. I
originally complained about the difference when this was being added:


As best I can tell, the response in that patch set about why it's being
translated is wrong (backwards). I expect that the API extension at the
time called it "metadetails" and they decided to make the object the
same and do the translation there.

From what I can tell, the actual server_group API extension that made it
into the tree never got the ability to set/change/etc the
metadata/metadetails anyway, so there's no reason (AFAICT) to add it in

If we care to have this functionality, then I propose we change the
attribute on the object (we can handle this with versioning) and reflect
it as "metadata" in the API.

However, I have to ask: do we really need another distinct metadata
store attached to server_groups? If not, how about we just remove it
from the database and the object, clean up the bit of residue that is
still in the API extension and be done with it?


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