Thanks, the concern is for the code in Nova and not in Neutron. That is, there 
is quite a lot of PCI code being added and no way of knowing that it actually 
works (unless we trust the developers working on it :)).

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Hi Gary,
Mellanox already established CI support on Mellanox SR-IOV NICs, as one of the 
jobs of Mellanox External Testing CI 
Meanwhile not voting, but will be soon.


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Thanks for the update.

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Cisco is adding it in our CI testbed. I guess that mlnx is doing the same for 
their MD as well.


On 8/11/14, 9:05 AM, "Gary Kotton" 
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At the moment all of the drivers are required CI support. Are there any plans 
regarding the PIC support. I understand that this is something that requires 
specific hardware. Are there any plans to add this?
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