On Wed, Aug 13 2014, Osanai, Hisashi wrote:

> One idea to solve this problem is:
> If the py33 doesn't need to execute on stable/icehouse, just eliminate
> the py33.

Yes, that IS the solution.

But modifying tox.ini is not going be a working implementation of that

>> This is not a problem in tox.ini, 
> Means the py33 needs to execute on stable/icehouse. Here I misunderstand 
> something...

Not it does not, that line in tox.ini is not use by the gate.

>> this is a problem in the infrastructure config.
> Means execfile function calls on python33 in happybase is a problem. If my 
> understanding 
> is correct, I agree with you and I think this is the direct cause of this 
> problem.
> Your idea to solve this is creating a patch for the direct cause, right?

My idea to solve this is to create a patch on
to exclude py33 on the stable/icehouse branch of Ceilometer in the gate.

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