Thanks a lot, Doug. It does work after configuring pipeline.yaml.



On Aug 12, 2014, at 4:11 AM, Duan, Li-Gong (Gary at 
 <li-gong.duan at<>> 

> Hi Folks,


> Is there any best practices or good way to debug whether new pollster plugin 
> work fine for ceilometer?


> I'd like to add a new pollster plugin into Ceilometer by

>      - adding a new item under enterypoint/ceilometer.poll.central in 
> setup.cfg file

>      - adding the implementation code inheriting "plugin.CentralPollster".


> But when I "sudo python install" and restart ceilometer-related 
> services in devstack, NO new metering is displayed upon "ceilometer 
> meter-list" and I expect that there should be a new metering showing the item 
> defined in setup.cfg.

> Is there any other source/config files I need to modify or add?

You need to define a pipeline [1] to include the data from your new pollster 
and schedule it to be run.




> Thanks in advance,

> Gary

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