On 06:55 Thu 14 Aug     , Boring, Walter wrote:
> Hey guys,
>    I wanted to pose a nomination for Cinder core.
> Xing Yang.
> She has been active in the cinder community for many releases and has worked 
> on several drivers as well as other features for cinder itself.   She has 
> been doing an awesome job doing reviews and helping folks out in the 
> #openstack-cinder irc channel for a long time.   I think she would be a good 
> addition to the core team.


If you take a look at the last 3 months [1][2] she has been very active and
providing great feedback in reviews. She has also been setting great
expectations for other drivers with the recent third-party CI work. Thanks

[1] - http://russellbryant.net/openstack-stats/cinder-reviewers-90.txt
[2] - http://stackalytics.com/?user_id=xing-yang

Mike Perez

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