hello Sahara folks,

I am working to get the revamped spec[1] finalized and I'd like to know the 
group's thoughts on the idea of backward compatibility. It is possible to 
implement the new authentication method and remain backward compatible, but we 
will need to keep the username and password inputs in the Swift data forms.

Having the backward compatibility would also give Sahara a way to react in 
situations where the proxy domain is not available or the administrator doesn't 
wish to use it. I'm not sure this is the behavior we want, but I don't know if 
it is proper for Sahara to exit if no proxy domain can be found.

If we choose not to remain backward compatible then we are requiring Sahara 
operators to create the new proxy domain needed, and they must update all 
virtual machine images.



[1]: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/113591/

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