> "No alterations: When using OpenStack Marks, you shall never vary the
> spelling, hyphenation or spacing of the any portion of the marks.
> Examples of Improper Display of an OpenStack Mark: Open-Stack; Open
> Stack; OS Stack Examples of Proper Display of an OpenStack Mark:
> OpenStack; OPENSTACK"

When used in marketing, sales, and other business contexts, I obviously
agree. This is proper use and license of a trademark.

> While this comes from the OpenStack Trademark Policy, I think it is
> important to remember this information and to implement it in our daily
> use. I have had to change at least one wikipage so far, it is far easier
> if folks simply employ the correct usage from the beginning.

On wiki pages and other published medium -- absolutely.

For our daily use in IRC and other casual discussion? Lets not get pedantic.

Eric Windisch
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