On 08/15/2014 03:14 PM, Matthew Treinish wrote:
Hi Everyone,

So as part of splitting out common functionality from tempest into a library [1]
we need to create a new repository. Which means we have the fun task of coming
up with something to name it. I'm personally thought we should call it:

  - mesocyclone

Which has the advantage of being a cloud/weather thing, and the name sort of
fits because it's a precursor to a tornado. Also, it's an available namespace on
both launchpad and pypi. But there has been expressed concern that both it is a
bit on the long side (which might have 80 char line length implications) and
it's unclear from the name what it does.

During the last QA meeting some alternatives were also brought up:

  - tempest-lib / lib-tempest
  - tsepmet
  - blackstorm
  - calm
  - tempit
  - integration-test-lib

(although I'm not entirely sure I remember which ones were serious suggestions
or just jokes)

So as a first step I figured that I'd bring it up on the ML to see if anyone had
any other suggestions. (or maybe get a consensus around one choice) I'll take
the list, check if the namespaces are available, and make a survey so that
everyone can vote and hopefully we'll have a clear choice for a name from that.

I suggest that "tempest" should be the name of the import'able library, and that the integration tests themselves should be what is pulled out of the current Tempest repository, into their own repo called "openstack-integration-tests" or "os-integration-tests".


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