Excerpts from Martinx - ジェームズ's message of 2014-08-16 12:03:20 -0700:
> Hey Stackers,
>  I'm wondering here... Samba4 is pretty solid (up coming 4.2 rocks), I'm
> using it on a daily basis as an AD DC controller, for both Windows and
> Linux Instances! With replication, file system ACLs - cifs, built-in LDAP,
> dynamic DNS with Bind9 as a backend (no netbios) and etc... Pretty cool!
>  In OpenStack ecosystem, there are awesome solutions like Trove, Solum,
> Designate and etc... Amazing times BTW! So, why not try to integrate
> Samba4, working as an AD DC, within OpenStack itself?!

But, if we did that, what would be left for us to reinvent in our own
slightly different way?

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