I have already uploaded a bunch of xstatic packages to Debian, in
advance of the removal of the embedded files from Horizon. I would like
to send my deepest thanks for this great initiative!

The below packages are currently in the FTP master's NEW queue, waiting
for approval: xstatic-angular, xstatic-angular-cookies,
xstatic-angular-mock, xstatic-bootstrap-datepicker, xstatic-d3,
xstatic-hogan>=, xstatic-jasmine, xstatic-jquery,
xstatic-jquery.quicksearch, xstatic-jquery.tablesorter,
xstatic-jsencrypt, xstatic-qunit, xstatic-rickshaw, xstatic-spin

For these, I made a bunch of libjs-* Debian packages:
libjs-jquery-migrate, libjs-jquery.quicksearch, libjs-jsencrypt,
libjs-spin.js, libjs-twitter-bootstrap-datepicker

I have uploaded libjs-jquery-migrate, but the rest of are also in the
Debian FTP master's NEW queue.

I wonder, by the way, if it was possible to upgrade spin to version
2.0.1, because version 1.2.5 isn't even available from the github repo.

Remaining to do:
xstatic-jquery-migrate>=  # MIT License -> IN NEW QUEUE
xstatic-jquery.bootstrap.wizard>=  # MIT License

I don't think it will take me a long time to have them done! :)

Note that there's no git repo for xstatic-jquery-ui. The one from
bitbucker was deleted, and there's no
https://github.com/stackforge/xstatic-jquery-ui repository. I am
guessing that this is just a mistake. Same for xstatic-jquery by the
way. Anyway, I'm stuck with the jquery-ui for the moment, so it'd be
nice to have this one solved soon.

Anyway, before, we had this:
xstatic-bootstrap-scss>=,<3  # Apache 2.0 License

but I've seen that this requirement got upgraded to >3. This is a
problem in Debian, because all files of bootstrap-scss are contained
within the compass-bootstrap-sass-plugin package, and it's currently in
version The current maintainer isn't very responsive, and as
Debian Jessie will be frozen next 5th of November, I'm not sure it will
be solved before Jessie is released.

So I was wondering if it was possible to keep compatibility with version of compass-bootstrap-sass-plugin within Horizon.

Thoughts anyone?


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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