Btw, there is no "service.stat" record/row in "meter" table in ceilometer 


From: Duan, Li-Gong (Gary@HPServers-Core-OE-PSC)
Sent: Monday, August 18, 2014 3:45 PM
Cc: Duan, Li-Gong (Gary@HPServers-Core-OE-PSC)
Subject: [Ceilometer] publisher metering_secret in ceilometer.conf

Hi Folks,

I created a new pollster plugin for ceilometer by:

    - adding a new item under enterypoint/ceilometer.poll.central in setup.cfg 
- adding the implementation code inheriting "plugin.CentralPollster"
- adding a new source to pipeline.yaml as bellows:
        - name: service_source
           interval: 600
                - "service.stat"
                - meter_sink

But the new meter doesn't show up in the output of "ceilometer meter-list".
See the log of ceilometer-agent-central, it might be caused by not correct 
signature during dispactching:
2014-08-18 03:07:13.170 16528 DEBUG ceilometer.dispatcher.database [-] metering 
data service.stat for 7398ae3f-c866-4484-b975-19d121acb2b1 @ 
2014-08-18T03:07:13.137888: 0 record_metering_data 
2014-08-18 03:07:13.171 16528 WARNING ceilometer.dispatcher.database [-] 
message signature invalid, discarding message: {u'counter_name': ...
Seen from the source code 
(ceilometer/dispatcher/, it fails when 
verify_signature. So I added a new item to ceilometer.conf:
metering_secret = 11110000111100001111

And then the above warning log(message signature invalid) disappears, but the 
it seems that record_metering_data() is NOT invoked at all, because there is no 
the above debug log either.

And then I remove the metering_secret from ceilometer.conf, 
record_metering_data() is still not be invoked.

My questions are:

-          For the issue of message signature invalid during invoking 
recording_metering_data(), is it a correct solution to add "metering_secret" 
items to ceilometer.conf?

-          Are there anything wrong after adding meter_secret, so that 
record_metering_data() could not be invoked?

-          What else config/source file should I need to modify if I want my 
new meter shown up in "ceilometer meter-list" output?

-          Any other suggestions/comments?

Thanks in advance!

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