Congrats Sukhdev :) That's no small feat.

On 7 August 2014 03:41, Sukhdev Kapur <> wrote:

> I am looking into the scenario tests. Having some issues with them. Will
> soon be adding a few to the test suite.

This is also where I'm at with the Tail-f CI driver. I am running API tests
stably now but I reckon that I need to upgrade my CI infrastructure to run
scenario tests with reliability.

Specifically, I am currently running tests on the "bare metal". The
defensive cleanup scripting I have done is sufficient for running API tests
reliably but I don't think I can stretch it to reliably running scenario
tests. So instead of making an incremental step of enabling scenario
testing my next step is to bring up a new CI that has more
safety/reliability built in.

Is this also your situation? (or anybody else's?)

I am really enjoying the new Wiki pages that give a glimpse of how people
have setup their CIs. I am also really curious for an idea of how much time
other people are allocating for operating their CIs, both for day-to-day
operations and for "deep dives" to replace infrastructure to deal with new
requirements. That could be really useful information for new driver
authors to plan for smooth CI operations from the beginning. (I start to

Congrats again :-).

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