Thanks Mark.
As usual I had to fetch your message from the spam folder!

Anyway, I received a sensible request to avoid running neutron tests for
advanced services (load balancing, firewall, vpn), in the integrated gate.
Therefore the patches [1] and [2] will not run anymore service plugins in
 the 'standard' neutron job. On the other hand the introduce a new
"extended" neutron job - which is exactly the same as the neutron full job
we have now - which will run only on the neutron gate.

This is good because neutron services and other openstack projects such as
nova or keystone are pretty much orthogonal, and this will avoid causing
failures there should any of these services become unstable. On the other
hand it's good to point out that if changes in oslo libraries should break
the service plugin, we won't be able to detect that anymore as oslo
libraries use the integrated gate.

Also, some services such as load balancing and firewall run also
smoketests. Considering the current job structure this mean they have been
executed already for months in the integrated gate. Also - they will keep
being executed as the postgresql smoke job will keep running in place of
the full one until bug [3] is fixed.

Obviously if you disagree with this approach, please speak up. And note
that the patches [1] and [2] are WIPs at the moment. I'm aware that they
don't work ;)



On 16 August 2014 01:13, Mark McClain <> wrote:

>  On Aug 15, 2014, at 6:20 PM, Salvatore Orlando <>
> wrote:
>  The neutron full job is finally voting, and the first patch [1] has
> already passed it in gate checks!
> I've collected a few data points before it was switched to voting, and we
> should probably expect a failure rate around 4%. This is not bad, but
> neither great, and everybody's contribution will be appreciated in
> reporting and assessing the nature gate failures, which, needless to say,
> are mostly races.
>  Note: we've also added the postgresql version of the same job, but that
> is not voting yet as we never executed it before.
>  Salvatore
>  [1]
>  Thanks to Salvatore for driving this effort and for everyone who
> contributed patches and reviews.  It is exciting to see it enabled.
>  mark
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