Correct, best-effort.  There is no guarantee or time boxing on cross-region
replication.  The best way to manage cross site replication is by tuning
your replica count to ensure you have primary copies in each region -
eventually.  Possibly evaluate if you need write_affinity at all (you can
always just stream across the WAN on PUT directly into the primary
locations).  Global replication is a great feature, but still ripe for
optimization and turning:

With storage policies you now also have the ability to have a local policy
and global policy giving operators and users even more control about where
they need their objects.  For example you might upload to local policy and
then manage geo-distribution with a COPY request to the global policy.

Do you have a specific use case for geo-distributed objects that you could
share or are you just trying to understand the implementation?


On Mon, Aug 18, 2014 at 3:32 AM, Shyam Prasad N <>

> Hi,
> Went through the following link:
> I'm trying to simulate the 2-region 3-replica scenario. The document says
> that the 3rd replica will be asynchronously moved to the remote location
> with a 2-region setup.
> What I want to understand is if whether the latency of this asynchronous
> copy can be tweaked/monitored? I couldn't find any configuration parameters
> to tweak this. Do we have such an option? Or is it done on a best-effort
> basis?
> Thanks in advance...
> --
> -Shyam
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