Hi All,

   I'd like to firm up our plans around the ci jobs we discussed at the
tripleo sprint, at the time we jotted down the various jobs on an
etherpad, to better visualize the matrix of coverage I've put it into a
spreadsheet[1]. Before we go about making these changes I'd like to go
through a few questions for firm things up

1. Did we miss any jobs that we should have included?
   gfidente mentioned on IRC about adding blockstoragescale and
swiftstoragescale jobs into the mix, should we add this to the matrix so
at each is tested on at least one of the existing jobs?

2. Which jobs should run where? i.e. we should probably only aim to run
a subset of these jobs (possibly 1 fedora and 1 ubuntu?) on non tripleo

3. Are there any jobs here we should remove?

4. Is there anything we should add to the test matrix?
   Here I'm thinking we should consider dependent libraries i.e. have at
least one job that uses the git version of dependent libraries rather
then the released library

5. On selinux we had said that we would set it to enforcing on Fedora
jobs, once its ready we can flick the switch. This may cause us
breakages as projects evolve but we can revisit if they are too frequent.

Once anybody with an opinion has had had a chance to look over the
spreadsheet, I'll start to make changes to our existing jobs so that
they match jobs on the spreadsheet and then add the new jobs (one at a time)

Feel free to add comments to the spreadsheet or reply here.



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