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> Subject: Re: [openstack-dev] [TripleO] Change of meeting time
> On 24/05/14 01:21, James Polley wrote:
> > Following a lengthy discussion under the subject "Alternating meeting
> > tmie for more TZ friendliness", the TripleO meeting now alternates
> > between Tuesday 1900UTC (the former time) and Wednesday 0700UTC, for
> > better coverage across Australia, India, China, Japan, and the other
> > parts of the world that found it impossible to get to our previous
> > meeting time.
> Raising a point that came up on this morning's irc meeting
> A lot (most?) of the people at this morning's meeting were based in
> western Europe, getting up earlier then usual for the meeting (me
> included), When daylight saving kicks in it might push them passed the
> threshold, would an hour later (0800 UTC) work better for people or is
> the current time what fits best?
> I'll try to make the meeting regardless if its moved or not but an hour
> later would certainly make it a little more palatable.

+1, I don't have a strong preference, but an hour later would make it a
bit easier, particularly when DST kicks in.


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