Hi Madhu,

We have an end-user tutorial in review right now.  That should help you get 
started understanding the end-to-end flow a bit better.  Look for it to be 
merged today or tomorrow.


On Aug 21, 2014, at 2:44 AM, Madhu Mohan 
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Since a few weeks I am trying to get a hold on Congress code base and 
understand the flow.

Here is a brief summary what I am trying out:

Prepared a dummy client to send the policy strings to congress_server listening 
at the path "/policies". This is now changed to "v1/policies". I am using 
"POST" request to send the policy string to the server.

The call to server somehow seems to get converted to an action with the name 
Added a new API "create_policies" in the api model policy_model.py which gets 
the policy string in "params".

I am able to call compile.parse() and runtime.initialize() functions from this 
The compilation produces a result in the format below:

Rule(head=[Literal(table=u'error', arguments=[Variable(name=u'vm')], 
negated=False)], body=[Literal(table=u'nova:virtual_machine', 

I am not really sure about how to go about from here to see the policies 
actually getting applied and monitored.

Any resource or instructions on getting through the code flow will be of great 
help to proceed further.

Thanks in Advance,
Madhu Mohan

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