The Juno-3 feature freeze is not far away (September 4th). See [1] for more 
We have a bunch of outstanding patches that need to get reviewed. We are trying 
to come with a list of the most important features/bugs [2].
So far, we have the following:

Features | Introduces eventlet executor for 
Glance Tasks | Add GPFS support as image store | Restrict users from downloading 
protected image | Glance Metadata Definitions Catalog - DB | Glance Metadata Definitions Catalog - Seed | Glance Metadata Definitions Catalog - API

Bugs | Changes HTTP response code for 
unsupported methods | Add swift store upload recover | image data not deleted while 
deleting image in v2 api | Image delete calls slow due to 
synchronous wait on backend store delete

Please edit the etherpad [2] if you think something is missing.
I will add the J-3 tag to the bugs later today.



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