> I would like to realize moving swift_middleware.py from the ceilometer 
> package to 
> the ceilometerclient package. For me it is very difficult to convince users 
> of 
> installing the ceilometer package on Proxy Nodes for just using the swift 
> middleware 
> because of maintenance costs. Operators in users must check security patches 
> for 
> installed packages on Proxy Nodes even if these are not used on the nodes.
this idea sounds so familiar. i feel like i may have tried to move this in the 
past but gave up. i actually prefer having the middleware reside in 
ceilometerclient... it really doesn't make sense for the entire ceilometer 
package to be pulled in for just a middleware although i feel like that might 
require the oslo.messaging feature as well
could you create a spec[1] and we can maybe hash out idea there.

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