At least for glance, the tox fix and the double setup problem are both
blocking the gate, so it isn't possible to fix cleanly, since both
issues need to be fixed in one commit - I think the correct thing is
to merge and give projects
time to fix up their issues cleanly.

On 22 August 2014 13:55, Ihar Hrachyshka <> wrote:
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> Hi all,
> this week is quite bumpy for unit testing in gate. First, it was
> upgrade to new 'tox' version that broke quite some branches.
> And today new testtools 0.9.36 were released and were caught by gate,
> which resulted in the following unit test failures in multiple projects:
> TestCase.setUp was already called. Do not explicitly call setUp from
> your tests. In your own setUp, use super to call the base setUp.
> All branches are affected: havana, icehouse, and master.
> This is because the following check was released with the new version
> of the library:
> And the temporary fix is to merge the version pin patch in global
> requirements, backport it to stable branches, and merge the updates
> from Openstack Proposal Bot to all affected projects. The patch for
> master requirements is:
> In the meantime, projects will need to fix their tests not to call
> setUp() and tearDown() twice. This will be the requirement to unpin
> the version of the library.
> So, please review, backport, and make sure it lands in project
> requirements files.
> /Ihar
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