I would have to agree with Thomas.
Many organizations have already worked out strategies and have processes in 
place to cover contributing to  OpenStack which
Cover all official project. Contributing to additional non-OpenStack projects 
may introduce additional barriers in large 
Organizations which require  ip plan/legal approval on a per project basis.

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On 21 August 2014 19:39, gordon chung <g...@live.ca> wrote:
> from the pov of a project that seems to be brought up constantly and 
> maybe it's my naivety, i don't really understand the fascination with 
> branding and the stigma people have placed on 
> non-'openstack'/stackforge projects. it can't be a legal thing because 
> i've gone through that potential mess. also, it's just as easy to contribute 
> to 'non-openstack' projects as 'openstack'
> projects (even easier if we're honest).

It may be easier for you, but it certainly isn't inside big companies, e.g. HP 
have pretty broad approvals for contributing to (official) openstack projects, 
where as individual approval may be needed to contribute to none-openstack 

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