A few of us that have +2 on the global requirements repository happened
to be in Chicago last week for LinuxCon, and something that came up over
drinks was the fact that it seems clear that the overall +2 group on the
repo doesn't have all the background on why the repository got created,
or some guidelines that we expect out of new proposed reviews.

I volunteered to take a stab at writing down what I interpret as the
background and the standards we should have from my interactions. That
review is here - https://review.openstack.org/#/c/116708

I'd suggest for this review folks -1 for things that they feel are wrong
(or missing to the point that this isn't useful if it lands without it).
Additional enhancements can come as follow ons. But having a basic
upgrade of this readme should help a lot on clarity.


Sean Dague

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