I was reviewing some install script recently where someone was trying to configure trove and I was asking about some config option they were setting which wasn't in the trove.conf.sample. I was too lazy at the time to see if it was a valid option in the code, but did make me wonder if there has been discussion about consolidating the various trove config files into a single config file with sections (heat used to have the same issue, now they have a single config file). I'm assuming this has come up before but didn't see anything in the mailing list.

Building on that, if there was a single trove config file we could have a job that gates on making sure it's up to date by using the check_uptodate script used in other projects, e.g. cinder. That should be a relatively easy drop-in, the work will be in cleaning up the config file (unless you just replace with what generate_sample provides).

I think the docs team is also interested in seeing this happen...



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