I am writing to ask whether it will be possible to merge VIF_VHOSTUSER [1]
in Juno?

VIF_VHOSTUSER adds support for a QEMU 2.1 has a feature called vhost-user
[2] that allows a guest to do Virtio-net I/O via a userspace vswitch. This
makes it convenient to deploy new vswitches that are optimized for NFV
workloads, of which there are now several both open source and proprietary.

The complication is that we have no CI coverage for this feature in Juno.
Originally we had anticipated merging a Neutron driver that would exercise
vhost-user but the Neutron core team requested that we develop that outside
of the Neutron tree for the time being instead [3].

We are hoping that the Nova team will be willing to merge the feature even
so. Within the NFV subgroup it would help us to share more code with each
other and also be good for our morale :) particularly as the QEMU work was
done especially for use with OpenStack.


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