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> On Wed, 27 Aug 2014, Doug Hellmann wrote:
>> For example, Matt helped me with an issue yesterday, and afterwards
>> I asked him to write up a few details about how he reached his
>> conclusion because he was moving fast enough that I wasn’t
>> actually learning anything from what he was saying to me on IRC.
>> Having an example with some logs and then even stream of
>> consciousness notes like “I noticed the out of memory error, and
>> then I found the first instance of that and looked at the oom-killer
>> report in syslog to see which process was killed and it was X which
>> might mean Y” would help.
> +many
> I'd _love_ to be more capable at gate debugging.
> That said, it does get easier just by doing it. The first many times
> is like beating my head against the wall, especially the constant
> sense of where am I and where do I need to go.

I definitely know the feeling. I don’t expect to become an expert, but given my 
focus on turning out libraries for Oslo it’s hard to find time to “practice” 
enough to get past the frustrated phase. If I had even some hints to look at, 
that would help me, and I’m sure others.

I have found it immensely helpful, for example, to have a written set of the 
steps involved in creating a new library, from importing the git repo all the 
way through to making it available to other projects. Without those 
instructions, it would have been much harder to split up the work. The team 
would have had to train each other by word of mouth, and we would have had 
constant issues with inconsistent approaches triggering different failures. The 
time we spent building and verifying the instructions has paid off to the 
extent that we even had one developer not on the core team handle a graduation 
for us.


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