I'll try and not whine about my pet project but I do think there is a problem 
here.  For the Gantt project to split out the scheduler there is a crucial BP 
that needs to be implemented ( https://review.openstack.org/#/c/89893/ ) and, 
unfortunately, the BP has been rejected and we'll have to try again for Kilo.  
My question is did we do something wrong or is the process broken?

Note that we originally proposed the BP on 4/23/14, went through 10 iterations 
to the final version on 7/25/14 and the final version got three +1s and a +2 by 
8/5.  Unfortunately, even after reaching out to specific people, we didn't get 
the second +2, hence the rejection.

I understand that reviews are a burden and very hard but it seems wrong that a 
BP with multiple positive reviews and no negative reviews is dropped because of 
what looks like indifference.  Given that there is still time to review the 
actual code patches it seems like there should be a simpler way to get a BP 
approved.  Without an approved BP it's difficult to even start the coding 

I see 2 possibilities here:

1)      This is an isolated case specific to this BP.  If so, there's no need 
to change the procedures but I would like to know what we should be doing 
differently.  We got a +2 review on 8/4 and then silence for 3 weeks.

2)      This is a process problem that other people encounter.  Maybe there are 
times when silence means assent.  Something like a BP with multiple +1s and at 
least one +2 should automatically be accepted if no one reviews it 2 weeks 
after the +2 is given.

Don Dugger
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