There are two blueprints that I supposed to use for this purpose:

So my opinion:
This functionality should be orthogonal to what we configure in DSL.
The mechanism of listeners would is more generic and would your requirement as 
a special case.
At this point, I see that we may want to implement a generic transport-agnostic 
listener mechanism internally (not that hard task) and then implement required 
transport specific plugins to it.

Inviting everyone to discussion.


Renat Akhmerov
@ Mirantis Inc.

On 28 Aug 2014, at 06:17, W Chan <> wrote:

> Renat,
> It will be helpful to perform a callback on completion of the async workflow. 
>  Can we add on-finish to the workflow spec and when workflow completes, runs 
> task(s) defined in the on-finish section of the spec?  This will allow the 
> workflow author to define how the callback is to be done.
> Here's the bp link. 
> Thanks.
> Winson
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