_Operators midcycle meetup report _
I went to the Operators midcycle meetup this week. Nice work Gauvain on the
automation of the New, Changed, and Deprecated configuration options -- at
the Operators Midcycle Meetup yesterday they asked for it and lo and
behold, it was already there! Nice.

The discussion about docs at the Operators mid-cycle meetup is here:
https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/SAT-ops-docs Despite the bit of discussion
around "where to find networking info" the feedback I got from talking to
people is that a separate networking guide will be helpful so we're staying
the course for Juno. I also hear that logging and monitoring are hot topics
for operators.

Another outcome from the Operators midcycle meeti up is that the High
Availability Guide is going to move out of the openstack-manuals repo and
into its own repository with its own set of core reviewers.

_ Security Guide updates _

Bryan Payne did a nice summary post last week about the work and activity
going on with the Security Guide. It was also discussed at the Operators
Midcycle Meetup and lots of the audience there knows about it.

_ Networking information _

We're continuing to work on the Networking Guide although it is not
published yet due to being full of bacon lorem ipsum. We would love more
collaborators on that guide so refer to the spec and the outline to get
started. https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/NetworkingGuide/TOC

We're working through issues with the LBaaS v1 API needing to be documented
along with the experimental v2 Load Balancing API (such as bug 1361413

_ Doc tools _

I'm trying to find a release timing and collection for clouddocs maven
plugin. Stay tuned.

_ Doc bugs _

We're definitely seeing an uptick in new doc bugs with the upcoming feature
freeze (Winter is Coming) so please keep triaging incoming doc bugs. The
ones that come in from DocImpact are merged and should be set to Confirmed.

_ Ongoing doc work _

The cinder and trove configuration tables have been updated this week.

The HOT user information is ongoing. Gauvain, I think you got your question
about audience answered, sounds like assuming the audience understands
"cloud" will work for that info.

Looks like Telemetry got their admin information completed, nice work all!
 Ildiko and Eoghan were especially attentive, thanks all for the efforts

The training team met this week and the log is here:
Docs are on target, but I wondered if you'd had a chance to bring back any
changes from the basic install into the openstack-manuals repo? Let us know
the plan there please.

Any questions or other items to report? Let us know!
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