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> I usually use the functions for editing ENABLED_SERVICES. Is it still
> common to edit the variable directly?
> Not generally.  It was looking at it in log files to see what was/was not
enabled where I started to think about that.  The default is already pretty
long, however having full words might make the scan easier than x- does.

> I've started scratching out a plan to migrate to full names and will get
> it into an Etherpad soon.  Also simplifying the log file configuration vars
> and locations.
> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/devstack-logging

> Cool. Let us know if we can make any changes in oslo.log to simplify that
> work.

I don't think olso.log is involved, this is all of the log files that
DevStack generates or captures: screen windows and the stack.sh run itself.
 There might be room to optimize if we're capturing something that is also
being logged elsewhere, but when using screen people seem to want it all in
a window (see horizon and recent keystone windows) anyway.



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