On 29/08/14 04:22, Richard Jones wrote:

> Very recently I attempted to fix a simple bug in which a Panel was being
> displayed when it shouldn't have been. The resultant 5-line fix ended up
> breaking 498 of the 1048 unit tests in the suite. I estimated that it
> would take about a week's effort to address all the failing tests. For
> more information see
> <http://mechanicalcat.net/richard/log/Python/When_testing_goes_bad>

Having read that, I can't help but comment that maybe, just maybe,
making an API call on each an every request to Horizon is not such a
great idea after all, and should be very well thought out, as it is
costly. In particular, it should be investigated if the call could be
made only on some requests? That would have the side effect of breaking
much fewer tests.

But I agree that mox is horrible in that it effectively freezes the
implementation details of the tested unit, instead of testing its behavior.

Radomir Dopieralski

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