On 08/29/2014 02:48 AM, Preston L. Bannister wrote:
Looking to put a proper implementation of instance backup into
OpenStack. Started by writing a simple set of baseline tests and running
against the stable/icehouse branch. They failed!


Scripts and configuration are in the above. Simple tests.

At first I assumed there was a configuration error in my Devstack ...
but at this point I believe the errors are in fact in OpenStack. (Also I
have rather more colorful things to say about what is and is not logged.)

Try to backup bootable Cinder volumes attached to instances ... and all
fail. Try to backup instances booted from images, and all-but-one fail
(without logged errors, so far as I see).

Was concerned about preserving existing behaviour (as I am currently
hacking the Nova backup API), but ... if the existing is badly broken,
this may not be a concern. (Makes my job a bit simpler.)

If someone is using "nova backup" successfully (more than one backup at
a time), I *would* rather like to know!

Anyone with different experience?

IMO, the create_backup API extension should be removed from the Compute API. It's completely unnecessary and backups should be the purview of external (to Nova) scripts or configuration management modules. This API extension is essentially trying to be a Cloud Cron, which is inappropriate for the Compute API, IMO.


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