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> In order to understand where this perception came from, I've gone back
> over the discussions spread across gerrit and the mailing list in order
> to piece together a precise timeline. I've appended that below.

Thanks for doing this Mark, as someone who only saw the edges of the
discussion this clarifies the goals of what was going on.

The key thing that jumps out at me isn't in the details of these events, it
is something you mentioned about the diverse communications paths.  Often
we don't see the whole conversation even when it is available via review
comments or ML archives.

Without straying too far off here, I'm sifting through some thoughts about
how we might be able to help link these discussions together without adding
too much (or any!) overhead to them, something that would be available
_during_ the discussion to pull it all together.  I'll follow-up after some
Sunday afternoon right-brain processing while I'm at the park.

Film at eleven...


Dean Troyer
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