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>>>> I've just spent the best part of a day tracking down why instance
>>>> creation was failing on a particular setup. The error message from
>>>> CreateVM_Task was: 'A specified parameter was not correct'.
>>>> After discounting a great many possibilities, I finally discovered that
>>>> the problem was guestId, which was being set to 'CirrosGuest'.
>>>> Unusually, the vSphere API docs don't contain a list of valid values for
>>>> that field. Given the unhelpfulness of the error message, it might be
>>>> worthwhile validating that field (which we get from glance) and
>>>> displaying an appropriate warning.
>>>> Does anybody have a canonical list of valid values?
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> Matt
>>> I found a page [1] linked from the Grizzly edition of the compute guide
>>> [2] which has since been superseded. The content that would appear to
>>> have replaced it in more recent versions of the documentation suite [3]
>>> does not appear to contain such a link though. If a link to a more formal
>>> list is available it would be great to get this in the documentation.
>> I just extracted a list of 126 os types from the ESX 5.5u1 installation
>> iso. While this isn't ideal documentation, I'm fairly sure it will be
>> accurate :)
>> Matt
> Hi Matt,
> Any chance you can provide this list? Would be good to get into the 
> configuration reference.

I posted it here for review:



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