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> On Fri 29 Aug 2014 12:47:00 PM PDT, Elizabeth K. Joseph wrote:
> > Third-party-request
> >
> > This list is the new place to request the creation or modification of
> > your third party account. Note that old requests sent to the
> > openstack-infra mailing list don't need to be resubmitted, they are
> > already in the queue for creation.
> I'm not happy about this decision: creating new lists is expensive, it
> multiplies entry points for newcomers, which need to be explained *and*
> understood. We've multiplying processes, rules, points of contact and
> places to monitor, be aware of... I feel overwhelmed. I wonder how much
> worse that feeling is for people who are not 150% of their time
> following discussions online and offline on all OpenStack channels.
I feel the same. As a new comer to openstack community, I can say that
digging all projects Wikis searching for information is very cumbersome. In
fact It took some months to get subscribed in all channels that where
relevant to me. But, who knows if I'm missing some at this very moment.

> Are you sure that a mailing list is the most appropriate way of handling
> requests? Aren't bug trackers more appropriate instead?  And don't we
> have a bug tracker already?
> > It would also be helpful for third party operators to join this
> > mailing list as well as the -announce list in order to reply when they
> > can to distribute workload and support new participants to thethird
> > party community.
> What makes you think they will join a list called 'request'? It's a
> request: I file a request, get back what I asked for, I say goodbye.
> Doesn't sound like a place for discussions.
> Also, if the problem with third-party operators is that they don't stick
> around, how did you come to the conclusion that two more mailing lists
> would solve (or help solving) the problem?
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